Friday, 28 December 2012

B8020 Application Development

Application Development is first and foremost about understanding customer needs. Our ability to see things from the client's perspective allows us to help throughout the design phase to translate needs into systems that do what you need done. Like most things, doing this well requires both native ability and experience. And in the end, doing things right the first time costs less.

Life Cycle Development services

High level system design services
Taking a business need through to a functional specification using a methodology that includes creating prototype input/output user interfaces and iterative client meetings to elicit requirements and get feedback.
Programming and programmer management
We are highly adept at efficient programming. We use version control and collaboration on all projects which allows for an orderly development/test/production progression.
Database design and administration
Our team has extensive experience in both relational and non-relational databases, and provides highly efficient, secure, database designs to support the applications we build.
Software security
We produce "safe" applications designed to thwart a malicious internal or external user.
System Hosting/Administration
B8020 provides these services in conjunction with the applications we build, if desired.
Systems Integration
Our team always looks for the best way to tie data and systems together. This helps reduce duplicate effort and helps prevent data redundancy.

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